The phone leaking business is a murky world and as the leaks evolve so do the renders.

YouTube channel EverythingApplePro has released a video in collaboration with XDA writer and phone leaker Max Winebach claiming the iPhone 12 Pro will come in a navy blue version that may replace the midnight green iPhone 11 Pro.

Apple has traditionally made the cheaper iPhone colourful as seen with the iPhone 5C and latterly with the XR and regular 11.

Here, we have an Apple dedicated YouTube channel mocking up renders of a phone based on the intel of a phone leaker associated with a tech publication, distilled in the below tweet. Go figure:

The rumour mill is depressingly rolling into action for the iPhone 12 series, a bunch of phones that won’t be announced for at least eight months.

It’s a small rumour that the renders show nicely, but in a design that is barely different from the iPhone 11 Pro, proving that there’s no real idea about what the phone will look like. The images show an iPhone without a notch, but that may well be wishful thinking. No phone is yet on the market that has under display cameras, and Apple is never first to market with experimental tech like that.

Take the rumours with a pinch of salt, but Max Weinbach has done good work recently uncovering the Galaxy S20 so there might be something to the navy blue tip.

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