What really forced Apple’s hand was the Santa Clara County Public Health Department issuing an order to ban gatherings of 1000 people or more between 11 March and 1 April, when the launch event was originally scheduled to take place. 

While the COVID-19 outbreak was a “major factor” in Apple’s decision to postpone the event indefinitely, according to the Cult of Mac source, it’s not the only issue. There were also “delays in producing two of the primary products,” and not having units ready to sell after the event was part of “multiple circumstances” that ultimately led to the postponement of the event. 

The anonymous source sums it up quite well; “why have an event when the products aren’t ready?”. When you put it like that…

The source also explained that until Apple can better evaluate the production schedule, it’d be tough to determine availability and, as such, work on announcement plans. It’s claimed that Apple has put together a new preliminary timeline for the launch of the iPhone SE 2, as well as the alleged new iPad Pro that was supposed to also make an appearance at the March event, but it’s not “written in stone”, with the source claiming the timeline could change from “one day to the next”. 

This source echoes other reports from the likes of tech writer Jon Prosser and Forbes that have appeared over the past couple of days, all confirming the same thing; the March event is no more.