The 9to5Mac report explains:

“iOS 13.4.5 makes it clear that there’s an iPhone model with built-in Touch ID compatible with CarKey and Express Transit cards with power reserve. As the iPhone 8 doesn’t have that combination of features, this code probably refers to the new iPhone 9 that had already leaked in the iOS 14 code.

“In another new line of code from iOS 13.4.5 beta, Apple has added a message that says “Your device does not support Car Key.” which makes us believe that older iPhone models will not have the CarKey feature.”

Image: 9to5Mac

It’s some granular snooping for sure, but is a technical clue that adds to yesterday’s reports of iPhone 9 cases arriving at Best Buy stores in the US. 

With the coronavirus pandemic in full effect across the globe, Apple has moved WWDC entirely online and recently released the new MacBook Air and iPad Pro without an event. If the iPhone 9 turns out to be for real, we might well see a similarly low key announcement soon.