9to5Mac points out that the ‘Home Screen Appearance’ setting is similar to that seen on the Apple Watch.

In that same report, the publication went on to claim it has itself found evidence in the code for iOS 14 that Apple could be preparing to introduce home screen widgets for iPhone and iPad. Currently, iOS 13 only allows for a widget screen to the left of the iPhone’s home screen, and a static widget box on the home screen for iPadOS 13.

9to5Mac says ‘Avocado’ is an internal feature that is related to Springboard, the app that controls the home screen on iOS, and points towards moveable widgets in a similar manner to Android (though as an internal test feature it might not make it to the final version of iOS 14). It was pointed out that being able to set an official Apple home screen as a plain colour might be to easier read these said widgets.

We’ll have to wait and see – an official iOS 14 beta is not yet available and a public release is not expected until at least September.