Apple has pushed out iOS 14 beta 7 to developers and the public beta track.

The new update has very little visually different, suggesting background stability is the name of the game for Apple from now until the full version’s official release.

A small change is that if you select one of the rainbow stripe wallpapers, it will display with a black background if your phone is in dark mode. There are several coloured background options, but you’ll only be able to use them now if you have dark mode turned off.

This might annoy some users but frankly this is a minor update that shows all of iOS 14’s most exciting changes have already been shown off like the new home screen widgets, debatably iOS’ biggest aesthetic change in years.

Also new are slightly altered app categories for the App Library. New to iOS 14, App Library automatically sorts your apps into categories for easier access. Apple doesn’t let you customise them but hey, baby steps, right?

It’s also the only way to access them if you decide you don’t want certain apps on your home screen, as for the first time iOS doesn’t force you to have them all on the home screen. Rejoice!

Rumour has it iOS 14 may launch in September when the new iPhone 12 is thought to be announced