UK mobile operator EE has introduced a new plan for iPhones on its network in the UK called Full Works.

The contract offer gets customers a 5G-ready phone plan and any iPhone. Given the current range of iPhones are 4G-only, this heavily hints that the iPhone 12 range will support 5G.

Full Works Plan for iPhone also lets customers upgrade to a new iPhone at any time they want, and comes with Apple Music, Apple TV+, and Apple Arcade all bundled in a plan that has unlimited data.

If that weren’t enough, plans also optionally include access to the BT Sport Ultimate app, as well as EE’s Roam Further Pass that allows use of the plan at no extra cost in countries like the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand.

The Full Works plans are available now, likely in a move to get customers familiar with the plans ahead of the launch of the new iPhone 12. They're not cheap - the Full Works plan for iPhone 11 will cost you £69 a month, with £30 upfront - but considering the Apple subscriptions alone add up to £20 monthly, it's actually pretty decent value.

EE’s Apple partnership also part-confirms the rumour that Apple would soon allow customers to bundle its service together at a discount as the Full Works plans do here with Apple Music, TV+, and Arcade. Currently, every customer has to pay for these digital services separately.

A cheaper EE plan also introduced is called the Smart iPhone plan, which lets customers choose one of Music, TV+, or Arcade to get with their phone. These customers can also swap their phone for a new model at any time and at no extra cost.

Updated to include Full Works pricing.