When the Apple Watch first launched, it was available in a dazzling number of options, including an absurdly-expensive 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition which started at £8,000/$10,000 and topped out at £13,500/$17,000. It was a hit among celebrities, with many posting snaps of the gold smartwatch on social media back in 2015, but how popular was it among regular joes? 

At that price, and the fact that the super-expensive gold Edition was replaced by more affordable (but still expensive) Editions in 2016, it’s safe to assume Apple didn’t shift much stock. That makes the news that the original gold Apple Watch Edition could be making a comeback even more surprising. 

The news comes from notorious Apple leaker L0vetodream, who tweeted a bunch of photos of a gold Apple Watch that looks to be in a plush case that doubles up not only as a place to store the expensive watch, but a somewhere to charge it too.

Looking closely, you can even make out the Edition branding on the smartwatch, and there’s a handful of matching watch straps shown off too. It’s likely that the plush-looking straps shown off will be exclusive to the ultra-high-end Series 6 Edition, but we can always hope that they’ll be more affordable than they look. It’s highly unlikely, but still. 

Golden looks aside, there’s not a lot to learn about the next-gen smartwatch based on these photos. It’s clear that it’ll sport the same design as every Apple Watch before it, although separate rumours suggest it’ll include a blood oxygen monitoring system, improved fall detection and more. We round up all the latest Apple Watch Series 6 news separately if you want to find out more. 

The question is, who is the Apple Watch Edition for? It’s obvious that this is marketed as a high-fashion item, and it’ll likely be priced at a similar level to the original from 2015. It seems Apple believes its watches can compete with the likes of Rolex when it comes to holding its value, but considering Apple discontinued support for the original Apple Watch Edition a few years after launch, it’s essentially useless now. Not great for an £8,000/$10,000+ investment, right? 

We won’t have long to find out either way, with the Apple Watch Series 6 tipped to launch in early September alongside new iPads, weeks before the rumoured mid-October iPhone 12 launch