Apple has launched Smart Battery Cases for the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max in what is now an expected annual move. The cases are on sale from Apple for £129/$129.

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Apple first introduced its Smart Battery Case accessory for the iPhone 6 and 6s as a rubberised clip on that boosted your battery life to an acceptable level. Released again for the iPhone 7, the cases made sure your iPhone got through the day on a single charge – something that the thin phones couldn’t do themselves sometimes.

But the iPhone 11 series has been praised for its outstanding battery life – all three phones can get through a day of heavy use no problem, so the battery cases this year might not be the essential purchase for some that they once were.

The new cases are notable for the new addition of a dedicated camera button, something that no case (and indeed no iPhone) before has had. A press of it launches the Camera app if your phone is locked or unlocked. A press then takes a photo, while a long press captures a QuickTake video.

If you’re travelling across continents or have a busy schedule with no time for a charge though, these are the best bet for ensuring you’re not going to come over all battery anxious. Apple says each case delivers 50% extra battery life. They are all Qi charging compatible and have Lightning ports, so when charging both the phone and case get juice.

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