Despite the initial reluctance from brands to shift to an online-only focus for product launches, it’s safe to say Apple has fully embraced the new digital normal. It held an all-digital WWDC, and digital events in both September and October, all with the incredibly high production values you’d expect from an Apple launch.

In fact, the digital livestream has given brands like Apple and Samsung more freedom to host multiple smaller events as there aren’t traditional costs around hiring an event space, getting people in the room and other logistical hurdles. Has there ever been a year where Apple has hosted events in September, October and November? No, but that could change this year.

Following the iPad and Apple Watch launch in September and the iPhone launch in October, Apple is rumoured to be planning an event for November, making it the third consecutive month of Apple livestreams in 2020. But with so many products already announced, what more could Apple have up its sleeve? Notorious Apple leaker Jon Prosser suggests we’ll be getting our first look at the Apple Silicon-based Macs, but there could be another surprise announcement too.

In a recent tweet, Prosser claimed that Apple is gearing up to reveal the ARM Mac at an event on Tuesday 17 November, roughly a month after the October event, with invites scheduled to go out a week earlier on 10 November.

The reveal of a Mac-themed event isn’t a huge surprise – after all, Craig Federighi, Apple’s SVP of software engineering confirmed at WWDC that Apple is planning to ship its first Mac with Apple Silicon by the end of the year, and there have been multiple leaks surrounding a potential Apple Silicon-based MacBook. With Apple confirming the ability to run iOS and iPadOS-based apps on the company’s new Silicon-based Macs, it’s certainly an exciting time for Mac users.

Macs aside, the AirPods Studio were rumoured to make an appearance before the end of the year, leading some to believe they could make an appearance at the alleged November event. Prosser claims that while it’s still technically possible, the more likely scenario is that the AirPods Studio release has been pushed to March 2021 following technical issues with pre-production units.

We cover the latest AirPods Studio rumours separately for those that want to find out more about Apple’s high-end cans.

But what about AirTags? That is more likely – according to Prosser anyway. Following the no-show at the October event, Prosser claimed that Apple is planning to reveal the Tile-like AirTags around the release of iOS 14.3, currently planned for some time in November. That coincides perfectly with the November event, and just like the HomePod Mini announcement at the October event, it could be the perfect warm-up product before the main Mac-themed reveal.

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