“Affected devices were manufactured between March 2019 and October 2019”.

Apple released the third-generation iPad Air in in March 2019 as a mid-tier option between the iPad and iPad Pro. It is confusingly not officially known as the iPad Air 3. The iPad Air 2 was discontinued in 2017 and Apple went two years without another model in its line-up.

The newest iPad Air (which we reviewed and loved) is the first in the line up to support the Apple Pencil and had a Smart Connector for use with the official Apple keyboard. It is practically the same device as the older 10.5in iPad Pro, repackaged two years down the line and with a few specs differences.

On an official support page Apple offers customers some options to fix their iPad Air if they have encountered the fault, via either an Apple Authorised Service Provider, an Apple Retail Store appointment with an Apple Genius or by contacting Apple Support if you’d prefer to send your device away.

It’s not the first time recently that Apple has had to set up such a program. In October last year it set up a way for users of some iPhone 6s models to get a repair following a power issue, while there is the ongoing saga of faulty MacBook butterfly keyboards