The keyboard is compatible with both the new 2020 iPad Pro and the 2018 models, but not for any other iPad Pro. It has a cantilever design that suspends the iPad above the keyboard in a floating design, with a hinge that makes it far more adjustable than the two-position Smart Keyboard Folio.

The keys are also backlit for the first time on an official Apple iPad keyboard and are separate plastic caps with more travel than the fabric-coated keys on the Folio. It should hopefully prove a more laptop-esque kind of typing experience that previously you could only get through various third-party keyboards on iPad.

The Magic Keyboard also adds a trackpad to go with iOS 13.4’s integrated cursor support. It also adds USB-C passthrough in the design for charging, meaning the iPad’s USB-C port is free for accessories such as hard drives and monitors.

The Magic Keyboard is, predictably, expensive. The 11in version costs $299 while the 12.9in is £349/$349 – for just £60/$50 more you can buy the new iPhone SE