Kuo goes on to explain that Apple has been putting “higher bargaining pressure” on its component suppliers, with a particular focus on trimming the cost wherever possible. To that end, Apple has moved to a simpler, smaller battery board design with fewer labels that’s cheaper to mass-produce, with the iPhone 12 battery board reportedly costing Apple 40-50% less than that of the iPhone 11 range. 

Kuo also looks beyond the iPhone 12 range in his latest report, claiming that 2021’s “iPhone 12s” will adopt a purely soft battery board design that’ll further reduce the cost by 30-40% compared to this year’s model. 

Apple’s cost-cutting measures aren’t surprising considering the expense of 5G technology but it’s something that has to be done at this point, especially when you consider there are cheap Androids that now provide 5G connectivity. And, let’s be honest, Apple would struggle to justify a price hike on the already premium iPhone range - especially in a worldwide recession.

Apple’s iPhone 12 range is expected to be released in mid-October, following delays in production. To find out more about the upcoming smartphone range, check out the latest iPhone 12 news.  

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