Apple appears to have confirmed that 2020’s iPhone launch will be later than usual (via 9to5Mac).

On the company’s Q3 2020 earnings call, Apple CFO Luca Maestri said, “As you know, last year we started selling iPhones in late September. This year, we expect supply to be available a few weeks later.”

When asked to clarify his comments, Maestri said, “I said in my remarks that a year ago we launched new iPhone in late September. And I said that this year, the supply of the new product will be a few weeks later than that.”

It’s unclear whether that number of weeks will equate to months, but it now seems very unlikely that the iPhone 12 will ship in September. There is still the possibility the event will happen in Apple’s traditional September, but the shipping dates could be delayed.

This is possible given that in 2017 the company announced the iPhone X in September but did not ship it until November.

The comments are a rare public admission from Apple. The company never normally even publicly references new iPhones or other upcoming products, let alone confirm them and their adjusted release schedules.

The coronavirus pandemic will likely have contributed to issues in manufacturing and timelines that has meant Apple has had to restructure this year’s launch.