But Hey CTO David Heinemeier Hansson embarked on a Twitter campaign pointing out what he thought was an unjust way for Apple to run its App Store, and it appears he has won out. Hey will now be approved, but without in-app purchases. Hey reportedly got around Apple’s App Store requirement for in-app purchases unlocking features of an otherwise free app download by offering a free trial option.

In a new tweet, Heinemeier Hansson said Apple had “definitely approved” the app after it was agreed that no in-app purchases also means Apple can’t claim a 30% share of its revenue.

Other iOS developers have had to live with Apple’s 30% demand but have not had the platform – or gumption – to complain this loudly before. For context in the history of platform revenue share with the distributor, 30% is less than older demands of platform owners. But that hasn’t stop people piling onto Apple, and it appears the company has relented.

Hey’s email service costs $99 per year but promises a more organised approach including first-time approval for mail from people, tiers of importance, and a reply later function to stop email piling up and stressing you out. It’s available cross-platform.