Take the 64GB iPhone 11 as an example: a pristine refurbished model, which should be practically indistinguishable from a brand new iPhone, costs just £649.99 on Music Magpie with the additional £50 discount applied. That’s a saving of £79 compared to buying the iPhone 11 directly from Apple, and it also beats Apple’s own Refurbished Store prices.

It’s also worth mentioning that Music Magpie offers models with a little more in the way of cosmetic damage, but at an even higher discount - as little as £619.99 for the 128GB iPhone 11. The phones still operate normally with access to all functions and features - it’s just whether you can live with a scuffed iPhone. Hey, some people might… 

And, if you’re interested in the more expensive 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max, Music Magpie has you covered there too. Pristine, 64GB variants of the 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max come in at £779.99 and £879.99 respectively, offering a whopping £269 discount compared to buying brand new. 

It’s a great option for students, offering great value for money and benefits over a standard second-hand iPhone, which many would usually consider. As well as rigorous testing conducted by Music Magpie to ensure all features and functions still work perfectly on all smartphones sold, you’ll get free no-contact delivery and a 12-month warranty too. You couldn’t say that about most eBay and Gumtree listings, could you? 

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