The new 16in MacBook Pro rightly gained a lot of praise for fixing the keyboard by changing from the faulty butterfly switches of 2015 to a keyboard Apple is so confident in, it named the Magic Keyboard after its desktop one.

But as with every Apple release, eyes are peeled for any sort of fault, and it seems that early adopters of the new MacBook have found one.

Reports are emerging of the new 16in Pro making popping sounds from its speakers. As you can see in the below video, posted by ZenTek TV, the sound can be heard when pausing audio:

The news was first picked up by AppleInsider, who in its article explained, “What happens is that when you're playing any audio or video, when you stop it, skip to another part, or close the window, you get this sound. It's similar to the clipping you can get when audio peaks too high, or when speakers are abruptly switched off and on.”

Very annoying, basically. Especially when the cheapest 16in MacBook Pro is £2,399

Apple has a support thread for the issue with multiple people reporting the same. It has not officially admitted the popping is a fault.

Some users are finding workarounds such as leaving audio recording in the background but frankly no one should have to find a workaround when they’ve spent this much on a laptop. Hopefully Apple will issue a patch to fix this soon, if indeed it is a software issue. If it’s a hardware problem, this might turn into a bigger story.