Windows 10 help is available in several forms: from Microsoft in the form of the Contact Support app built into Windows 10, from our own extensive catalogue of Windows 10 tutorials, and from independent Windows 10 forums. 

We're big fans of Windows 10 at PC Advisor and find it to be the most reliable version of Windows yet. But it isn't perfect, and if you've just bought your first laptop with Windows 10, things could be different to what you are used to.

For a lot of people that difference will cause problems - Microsoft is not famed for guiding people through change in quite the way that Apple or even Google is. 

And sometimes things do go wrong, bugs rear their heads and the answer isn't always immediately obvious.

So here we outline three great ways to get free tech support for Windows 10.

How do I get tech support from Microsoft?

We wouldn't recommend you go down this route for just any minor complaint, but when you just can't find the help you need Microsoft has provided a safety net.

There's an app called 'Get Help' (formerly Contact Support). Just as you might imagine, this app gives you an easy way to contact Microsoft's Windows Support when needed.

To access the app is to type "Help" into the search box at the bottom left of the screen. Choose the Get Help app and type a brief description of the problem.

You might see some troubleshooting links, but you can also request a phone call (it even lets you know the current waiting time), or chat live with a 'Windows 10 expert'. (You may use the term 'call centre operative', but either way you are getting help).

Windows 10 help - Contact Support

From this app you can also connect with Microsoft's own Windows community forums, or arrange a suitable time for someone from Answer Tech to ring you so you don't have to wait on hold. 

Again, we wouldn't suggest you always go to the Contact Support app. But when times are really bad, it is a great final call.

How can I find fixes for common Windows 10 problems?

We would, of course, recommend our own extensive Windows 10 tips and tutorials. Of course we would.

Our editors have spent years using Windows 10, putting together simple guides and tips and tricks to help you to get to grips with Microsoft's new operating system. We've focused on petty irritants and new features.

You can find all of our Windows tips and tricks here.

They include step-by-step guides on how to use Cortana, how to customise the Start menu, how to use the new Edge browser and much more. You can, of course, use our site search to see if there's something that addresses your specific problem.

You can also find useful advice about the latest Windows 10 Updates.