This morning we expect to get a first look at some brand-new Windows 10 hardware from Acer at IFA 2015, including new Windows 10 phones, new Windows 10 laptops and new Windows 10 PCs. Here's how to watch the Acer IFA 2015 live stream. Also see: What to expect from IFA 2015.

How to watch the Acer IFA 2015 live stream: Watch Acer launch new Windows 10 phones, laptops, PCs live 

Acer's IFA 2015 event is being held at 10am UK time (11am CEST) today, Wednesday 2 September 2015. 

We'll be streaming the Acer IFA 2015 event live at the top of this page. 

What to expect from Acer at IFA 2015 

Acer has unveiled the following IFA 2015 teaser video. It reveals a desktop PC and a laptop, but we don't have any further details on those products. However, we fully expect Acer to unveil new Windows 10 desktop PCs and laptops at the show. Also see: Windows 10 review.

Potentially more exciting is the fact Acer is hotly tipped to unveil four new Windows 10 phones at IFA 2015. Given that Windows 10 for phones won't be available to consumers until early November, we're excited to (hopefully) get a proper look at what's in store. Also see Windows 10 for phones preview.