Windows 11 might have shifted to annual feature updates, but that hasn’t stopped Microsoft adding several key improvements to its OS this February.

Arguably the most exciting is a public preview of native Android app support, one of Windows 11’s key new features. It allows you to download and use any apps from the Amazon Appstore on your laptop or PC, ahead of Google Play Store games arriving later in the year. If you’re prepared to jump through a few hoops, there’s also a way to download all Play Store apps on Windows 11.

However, the February update also delivers significant taskbar improvements. During Microsoft Teams calls, you can now mute/unmute and share your screen directly from the taskbar. An overview of the weather is also now integrated on the left side, where the Start menu used to be.

Adding the time and date to all external monitors is one of Windows 11’s most-requested features, while redesigned Media Player and Notepad apps help create a more consistent design.

As you can see, the February update is worth installing for most Windows 11 users.

How to install Windows 11’s February 2022 update

Fortunately, the process here is just as simple as installing any other update manually:

  1. Open Settings
  2. From the left pane, choose ‘Windows Update’
  3. Your device may automatically begin checking for updates. If not, click ‘Check for updates’
    Windows 11 check for updates
  4. After a few seconds, all your outstanding updates will appear. Even if none of these are the February update install them all first. This may require a restart to apply changes
  5. Once complete, head back into the Windows Update section of Settings and look for the KB5010414 update (also known as Build 22000.526). It may begin downloading automatically – if not, click ‘Download & install’
  6. Restart your device again to complete installation

If you still aren’t seeing the update, it’s not available for your device yet. While it is available to members of the Windows Insider Program right now, Beta and Release Preview builds have been associated with printer issues and overheating.

There’s no guarantee your device won’t suffer similar problems using this method, so it’s worth waiting for the final version to be delivered. Just make sure you keep everything else up to date in the meantime.

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