There are currently six Fitbits available to buy directly from Fitbit itself. From the clip-on Zip right through to the GPS-toting Ionic, there’s a style and price point for everyone.

If you’ve just got a Fitbit, here is how to set it up. Get your smartphone at the ready.

Step 1: Check the smartphone requirements

Hopefully you will have a compatible smartphone, but the requirements differ depending on what Fitbit you have. The Fitbit Ionic requires iPhone 4S and later and Android 4.4 and later so you should be fine – this is phones from around 2010!

Step 2: Turn on your new Fitbit

Turn on your shiny new device and follow the instructions to plug it into the included charger. For most Fitbits you’ll need at least 25% charge before it can complete the set up process.

Step3: Download the Fitbit app

Simply go to the App Store for iPhone or the Play Store on Android phones. Search ‘Fitibit’ and download the app to your phone.

Open the app and follow the instructions. You’ll need Bluetooth on.

Step 4: Register or sign in

If you haven’t used a Fitbit before, you’ll need to register an account. It doesn’t take long, just tap Join Fitbit.

After that select your Fitbit from the list of products and your phone will search for it using Bluetooth. Continue to follow the on screen instructions.

Step 5: Health data

The app will ask you for your weight and height at this point. This is necessary for it to monitor your heartrate (if your Fitbit has a heartrate sensor) and activity, and give you personalised goals and step recommendations.

Step 6: Put your Fitbit on and get moving

By this point you should hopefully have enough charge in your Fitbit. Finish the set up process by following the final instructions, and then you can go about enjoying your new activity tracker.