Uber has gone under a lot of fire within the last few months. Whether it be CEO Travis Kalanick captured arguing with one of his drivers about falling fairs, the investigation into the ‘abhorrent’ sexism claims forced on the company or even the fact that Google is suing the company over allegations that they stole technology for their self-driving cars, more and more users are wanting to delete their Uber account.

There was even a hashtag trending on twitter back in January, #deleteUber, about how Uber cut surging during a union strike over President Trump’s immigration ban. It urged users to delete their Uber application.

This is all well and good, however just deleting the app does not remove you from Uber’s servers. Like subscription services such as Amazon Prime or Apple Music,  they also make it incredibly difficult for you to delete your account in its entirety, with there being no direct way to do so on the mobile application. However we are here to help with our step by step guide in how to delete your Uber account, for good. 

First of all you want to either go to Uber’s help website on your mobile device or desktop.

Here will be a page with a number of different options, but first you will want to sign in to your account. 

After signing in you will want to navigate your way to the ‘Account & Payment Options’ tab. Very sneakily, but totally predictable as ever, they hide the ‘Delete Account’ option so in order to find it you will have to press the button in that tab which says ‘More’. 

Once that has opened up, head to ‘Changing my account settings’ and in this list you will find ‘Delete my Uber account’.   

You can tell Uber desperately wants you to stay because on this next page they ask you whether you are sure you want to delete your account, in which you input into the box : “YES”. 


You then have the option to input a reason for deleting your account so that they have customer feedback. Put something meaningful or slap a couple buttons down on your keyboard. Both work. 

And there you have it your Uber account has been deleted.

What is useful to note is that even though your account has been deleted, Uber will retain some "certain information about you as required by law, or for legitimate business purposes to the extent permitted by law."  Details on this can all be found in their privacy policy page.