Whether you want to save some information from a website, grab your high score from a game or something else, it’s simple to take a screenshot on an iPad.

A screenshot is a capture of exactly what’s on the screen at that moment: it works in any app and the image goes into your camera roll and can be edited and shared, just like any photo. Some people call them screengrabs or a screen capture (although the latter is usually associated with recording video of your iPad’s screen).

What buttons do I press to take a screenshot on an iPad?

To take a screenshot on any iPad, press the home button and sleep/wake button together.

How to take screenshot on iPad

There’s a knack to it, so don’t be surprised if you accidentally change the volume, turn off your iPad or even bring up the option to shut it down completely.

The official way is to press and hold both buttons simultaneously for a second or so, and then let go.

Don’t keep holding them as this won’t necessarily work.

If you’re successful, you’ll see a white ‘flash’ on the screen. And in later versions of iOS (version 11 onwards) the screenshot will zoom down to a thumbnail and you will see the option to delete it or edit it.

Alternatively you can just swipe it off the screen to dismiss it (the picture will still be saved).

If you want to edit it, tap on the thumbnail. You can then crop it, rotate it and use the Markup feature (just as you can in the Photos app) to annotate the image, add text and magnify certain areas.

Where are screenshots saved on an iPad?

Screenshots are saved to your camera roll along with your photos.

However, on later versions of iOS, a folder is automatically created. Just tap on ‘Albums’ at the bottom of the Photos app and scroll down until you see one called ‘Screenshots’.

You’ll find all your captures in here, and it makes it easy to delete them all once you have no use for them.