Underneath Amazon’s FireOS software lurks a version of Android. Not that you’d know it: there are no Google apps or services on Amazon tablets, so there’s no reason you’d suspect it had anything to do with Android.

Taking a screenshot on a Fire tablet is therefore no different to taking one on an Android phone or tablet. Here we’ll show you how it’s done, plus a couple of tips if it doesn’t work.

How do I take a screenshot on an Amazon tablet?

Simply press the power and volume down buttons at the same time. It takes a second or so, but the screen should flash white and show a slightly smaller image of what has been captured.

How to take a screenshot on Amazon Fire tablet

The image will be saved along with your photos and videos in the camera roll. If you want to copy the screenshots to a PC via a USB cable, then know that screenshots are stored in the Pictures > Screenshots folder, not in the DCIM folder with your photos and videos.

On certain Fire tablets, notably the new HD 10, you’ll find that the volume buttons swap around depending on how you’re holding the tablet. So the volume down button will always be on the left, or the bottom.

So you need to work out which button to use for taking a screenshot: it will similarly change when you rotate the tablet from portrait to landscape mode.

That's all there is to taking screenshots on your Amazon Fire!