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  • How to Direct Reply in Android N

    direct reply android n 800

    Android N builds in new functionality to allow you to respond to messages without opening the associated app - here's how

    25 May 2016

  • How to split screen in Android N

    android n split screen 800

    Android N lets you use two apps onscreen at once. Here's how to get started with split screen in Android N

    24 May 2016

  • How to use Google Translate in any app

    smartphone camera 02

    Google has updated its Translate app to work in any app. Here’s how to translate language in Android for free

    24 May 2016

  • How to get developer options on Android

    Android Developer Options

    How to access Android Developer Options, and how to use Android Developer Options on your Android phone or tablet

    23 May 2016

  • How to get The Beast or Encore on Kodi

    tablet generic4

    The best Kodi builds package up the best Kodi add-ons for easier installation and use. Here's how to install The Beast on Kodi

    18 May 2016

  • How to reply to notifications in Android Lollipop & Marshmallow

    reply notifications android

    If you can't wait for Android N, here's how to get one of its coolest new features now in Android Lollipop or Marshmallow

    13 May 2016

  • How to avoid buying fake technology

    how to avoid buying fake technology

    There is an ever increasing number of fake products on the market, here's five ways to distinguish counterfeit products.

    20 Apr 2016

  • How to transfer music from Mac to Android

    google music upload

    We explain how to get your music from Mac to Android, via Google Music or to a local Android phone or tablet

    15 Apr 2016

  • How to send money on Facebook Messenger

    how to send money messenger

    Looking for a free way to send money to friends and family? Bet you didn't know Facebook Messenger could do that

    13 Apr 2016

  • How to wirelessly charge phone

    samsung wireless charging stand fast charger galaxy s7 main

    We show you how to set up and use Qi wireless charging on the Galaxy S7 and other Qi-compatible smartphones

    31 Mar 2016

  • How to use a tablet as a teleprompter

    ipad autocue main

    Here's how you can make your own teleprompter using your tablet, an app and a mount

    28 Mar 2016

  • How to change your phone number on WhatsApp (and why you should)

    Mobile lifestyle 100

    Got a new phone number and wondering why no-one's contacting you anymore? Here's what to do

    23 Mar 2016

  • How to get film on an iPad to play on your TV

    Connect iPad to TV Apple web

    Via HDMI or AirPlay, we show you how

    04 Mar 2016

  • How to add a microSD card to your phone or tablet

    Inateck USB OTG hub

    Your phone or tablet lacks microSD and you're running out of space. Here's what to do

    04 Mar 2016

  • How to get a Surface Pro 3 lookalike under £200

    chuwi hi12 2

    Decent Windows tablets don't have to cost the earth. Here's how to get a cheap Windows 10 tablet

    02 Mar 2016

  • How to block spam email on Android

    Mobile lifestyle 31

    Fed up with receiving spam email on your Android phone or tablet? Here's how to stop unwanted mail reaching your phone or tablet.

    28 Jan 2016

  • How to block Be Like Bill

    kill bill

    Be Like Bill, or don't - we show you how to make a Be Like Bill Facebook post or how to kill Bill once and for all

    25 Jan 2016

  • How to reinstate tabbed browsing in Google Chrome for Android

    chrome tabbed browsing main

    A recent update to Google Chrome for Android has removed tabbed browsing. We show you how life can go on with or without the tabs

    29 Dec 2015

  • EE recalls all Power Bars - here's what to do

    ee power bar

    EE has recalled all of its free EE Power Bars after it was discovered that they pose a safety risk. Here's what you need to do now

    16 Dec 2015

  • How to use app permissions in Android Marshmallow

    app permissions 800

    Control what data third-party apps can access on your Android phone or tablet with app permissions

    19 Nov 2015

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