SATA adaptor

We explain how you can install a mSATA card that plugs directly into a motherboard, into a PC that has only SATA connectors.

QUESTION I've recently upgraded my PC's motherboard and CPU, and I was hoping to move my SSD from the old motherboard over to the new one. Unfortunately, I forgot that my SSD is an mSATA card that plugs directly into the motherboard, and my new one doesn't have an mSATA slot.

Is there a way to install my mSATA SSD in my new system or will I have to by a new SSD with a SATA connector? (See also: Recover deleted files for free: recover lost data.)

HELPROOM ANSWER All you'll need to do is to attach an mSATA device to a standard SATA port using an adaptor, though, check the specifications carefully to ensure compatibility with your particular mSATA drive as there are different types. Specifically, there are those that use SATA and those which use PCI Express, although both use a connector, which is physically identical.  

Adaptor boards are available for both types. If your mSATA device supports SATA III, you should also make sure you get an adaptor which supports SATA III.

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