Until recently if you wanted to tip your Uber driver you had to have cash with you. But a recent update to the app means that in all UK cities you can now tip even if you’ve got no cash on you.

Here’s how to do it.

Note: you must have the latest version of the app installed, as older ones won’t have this option. Also, bear in mind that Uber has a habit of changing its app, so the screens below may not be exactly what you’re seeing in your app, but they were correct at the time of writing.

At the end of your journey you’ll be prompted to rate your driver. Uber says you’ll need to do this in order to see the option to add a tip. However, that isn’t always the case as we’ve seen the link even when no rating has been given.

If you don’t want to leave a rating, you can tip from your trip receipt email without being asked for a rating.

In any case, it’s not necessary to tip immediately at the end of your journey:  you can do so up to 30 days after your ride.

How to tip an Uber driver

To tip a driver, select the relevant trip from the list in the app. You might see the ‘Add a tip’ link below the price for that ride.

If so, tap it and enter the amount on the next screen.

How to tip an Uber driver

The full amount of your tip will be sent to the driver: Uber doesn’t take a cut. Payment will be taken from the same card that was used for that trip fare.

You can’t use any credits or gift card balances for tips, though.

How can I tip a Uber driver on a Split Fare trip?

Only the person who originally requested the trip can add a tip. If they choose a tip amount and send it, it won’t be split with the other passengers.

In which countries can I tip through the Uber app?

Currently it’s possible to use the app to tip in all UK, US and Canadian cities.

In other places or countries, you’ll have to tip with cash – if you want to. Uber says that tipping is neither expected nor required, and it held off adding a method to say thanks to your driver for six years.