Whether you want to make a graph, keep tabs on expenses or do more advanced stuff with numbers, Microsoft Excel is one of the best spreadsheets around. Here's how to get started with Excel to use basic formulae, add and subtract and a whole lot more. 

It might seem complicated and have an impenetrable interface, but Excel isn't difficult to use. Once you know the basics, you'll be summing your totals, creating graphs and maybe even the legendary PivotTables. Our step-by-step Excel guides are easy to follow and will work with any version. See also: How to get Office 2016 (including Excel) for free

Excel isn't only available on your PC or laptop these days: you can also get Microsoft Office on your tablet, an iPad and an Android tablet. You can even use Excel in a web browser now, thanks to 'cloud' versions of the main Office apps. See also: How to use Microsoft OneNote - the best app for getting organised

How to use Excel | Excel How To guides:

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