Deleting a Google account isn’t something you’d normally do by accident: it’s not the same thing as removing an account from an Android phone, for example.

However, if you have deleted an account, then realised it was the wrong one, or you changed your mind, you might be able to restore it.

This applies to a Gmail account too, since Gmail is the email service that’s part and parcel of a Google account – you can’t really have one without the other.

How long do I have to restore my Gmail account?

Google says you have a 2-3 week grace period during which it’s possible to recover your account and – with it – your emails in Gmail.

The process will also restore documents in Google Drive and reactivate all other accounts within the Google-verse, including YouTube, Google Play, and it should bring back content you bought such as movies, books, music and more.

This is what you would have seen when deleting the account:

How to recover a deleted Gmail account

If you had subscriptions, these may have been cancelled and might need to be re-started afresh.

So how can I restore my Gmail account?

Sure, let’s get to the point: these are the steps you can try to get back a deleted account.

Go to Google’s account support page

Answer the security questions to verify the account was really yours. It doesn't necessarily matter if you can't remember the latest password from the account, as long as you have an older one, or some other information such as a backup phone number.

How to recover a deleted Gmail account

Follow the instructions to recover the account.

The process could take a while, so be patient. Also, be prepared to set a new, strong password for the account.

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