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No matter how much storage you have on your iPhone, it's never enough. Sometimes we just get greedy, trying to take all our music and a selection of TV shows and movies when we go on holiday, then wondering why we haven't got space for our own home videos and photos. Sometimes we horde our photos and videos, keeping them on the device for months instead of ever transferring them to a computer. And sometimes we just pay the price of going cheap, buying the 16GB iPhone then constantly running out of room for more apps and media.

Whatever the reason, it’s a problem. You’ll miss that unmissable video opportunity or that perfect sunset shot, just because your iPhone doesn't have the GB to spare. And it's only getting worse with the iPhone 6S and iPhone SE, because the 12MP photos they take can consume over 3MB per still, or over 13MB a shot if you're taking HDR Live Photos. A 4K video from an iPhone 6S or SE can take up to 362MB per minute. Is it any wonder that 16 or even 64GB goes nowhere?

We shouldn't let our media clog up our phones, but there's no getting past one fact: transferring files from an iPhone is a pain, especially if you're using Windows. That means dealing either with a slow, cumbersome program with poor transfer speeds and an unintuitive interface – iTunes – or syncing using iCloud, where speeds are slower and space isn’t exactly cheap. If only there was a smarter way to manage your iPhone's storage, transfer files and free up space...

Well, actually, there is. Digiarty’s WinX MediaTrans is just the kind of simple, streamlined, easy-to-use tool we've all been looking for, enabling you to transfer files in seconds without the pain. What's more, it has other features that can help you maximise your iPhone's storage space, so that you can enjoy all your media without any bother.  

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So how can WinX MediaTrans help you maximize and free-up your iPhone’s storage? Really, it comes down to three powerful tools:

Fast, Easy Photo Transfer
Copying photos from your iPhone using iCloud or iPhoto is a pain. Doing it with WinX MediaTrans is a breeze. Just launch the Windows app, click the Photo Transfer button, and you’ll see all the photos on your phone organized in folders, month by month. You can select them individually or by folder, then click Export and they’re transferred at lightning speed. And if you want to organize your photos day by day or year by year, then that’s fine too.

By leveraging Intel QSV and NVIDIA NVENC technology, WinX MediaTrans reaches transfer speeds that iTunes users only dream of. In fact, you can transfer 100 4K resolution photos from your iPhone in just eight seconds, then delete the files on your phone from within the same tool. Need to free up space in a hurry? Not a problem.

A smarter way to handle video
WinX MediaTrans is just as effective when it comes to handling video. For a start, it uses the same technology to import 1080p and 4K video files to your PC at incredibly rapid speeds. Just select the file, click Sync and you’re away. You’ll spend less time grey-bar watching and can remove the now unwanted files. More space on your iPhone, less work for your PC.

What’s more, WinX MediaTrans also helps with the videos you transfer to your iPhone. We all love to have our favourite TV programmes and movies ready to watch while we’re out and about, but it’s easy to end up with files that take up too much space, or that don’t do the material justice. After all, nobody wants to watch fuzzy or compressed-looking footage or video that doesn’t match the orientation or aspect-ratio of your screen.

With WinX MediaTrans that won’t happen. It rapidly converts your video files to an MP4 (H.264 file), automatically rotating it if necessary and optimizing quality your specific iPhone’s screen. It can even handle multiple conversions in one batch. The result? Files that can be half the size of the original, yet still look absolutely great.

Manage music your way
You don’t want your whole music library on your phone, but managing your tracks and playlists using iTunes can be an awkward business. Again, WinX MediaTrans does it better. You can easily manage the tracks already on your own phone; simply hover over them in the list and you can add them to a playlist, export them to your PC, edit their track info or just delete the track.

It’s just as easy to create new playlists or copy files from your PC to your iPhone, whether they came through iTunes or from a completely different source. The whole process is simple, intuitive and speedy, putting you firmly in control. As a result, you feel freer to Just take the tracks you want and leave the rest on your PC, knowing you can change your selection later, hassle-free.

WinX MediaTrans can do more. It’s a great tool for backing-up your iPhone’s media content, and can, even transform your iPhone into a USB drive, capable of storing any files, not just those that iOS supports. If you’re looking for a tool to help you free up storage and make the most of what you’ve got, this one takes some beating. Find out more at, and remember the special offer at