Using a spreadsheet to make a chart or a graph is really handy and it’s not too difficult either and we’ll show you how. Here’s how to make a graph in Excel or Google Drive. See also: How to use Excel

Graphs and charts are useful for all kinds of things. Visually looking at data is much easier for most people compared to trying to decipher many rows and columns of numbers. Although doing something like this might be a bit daunting with software such as Excel but that’s why we’re here to help.

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How to make a graph in Excel or Google Drive

Step one

First you’ll need to put your data into a new spreadsheet so open up a new on and get typing. This will look different depending on what you’re wanting to show.

Graph in Excel data

Step Two

Select all the data you want to show in the graph - Make sure you include the titles so you know what’s what on the graph.

Select data Excel

Step Three

Click on Insert then on the chart or graph of your choice. You can choose between column, line, pie, bar, area, scatter or other. (In Google Drive, click Insert then Chart then choose your style).

Choose chart or graph Excel

Step Four

Now use the chart design and layout tools to make any tweaks you need such as switching rows and columns, title, legends and labels.

Chart tools Excel