Sheets is Google’s answer to Microsoft Excel. We show you how to move data between the two - how to import Excel data to Google Sheets and vice versa. See also: How to use Excel

How to import Excel data to Google Sheets

• Head to and log into your Google account

• Click on the large + icon to start a new spreadsheet

• Click on File, Import…

• Select the Upload tab in the pop-up window, then drag a file to the box or click the blue button to browse to it

• In the next pop-up window select to Replace spreadsheet (you can alternatively choose to create a new spreadsheet or a new sheet. Click Import

How to import Google Sheets data to Excel

• In Google Sheets select the File menu then choose Download as…

• Select the Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) option

• The document will download to your desktop or wherever is your default location for downloads

• Now open Excel

• Go to File, Open

• Browse to and select the Sheets document on your drive, then click Open

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