One of the most frustrating problems in Teams – aside from the glitchy video due to a struggling Internet connection, annoying colleagues and choosing the right background – is when screen sharing isn’t working and you can't share content.

There seems to be no reason why content sharing isn't not working, and you've checked all the settings within Teams itself.

On a Mac, the principal reason for Teams not allowing you to share your screen is easily fixed, and we’ll show you how here.

The problem is likely that your Mac’s Privacy settings aren’t set up to allow Teams screen sharing.

1. Quit Teams

2. Open System Preferences on the Mac (under the Apple Menu)

Mac System Preferences Security and Privacy

3. Click on Security & Privacy

4. Scroll down to Screen Recording

Mac Security and Privacy

5. Here you’ll see which apps are allowed to record the contents of your screen, and this includes screen sharing in Teams

6. Click the padlock icon and enter your Admin password to unlock Security & Privacy

7. Click the ‘+’ button and navigate to your Applications folder

Select app in Screen Recording

8. Select Microsoft Teams and click Open

Add app to Screen Recordings Mac

9. Click the padlock icon to lock Security & Privacy

10. Open Teams and you should now be able to share your screen in Teams

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Happy video conferencing!