If you find that particular people or organisations are bothering you with unwanted emails, you can block them. It won't stop them from sending any more to you, but you'll never see them. We show you how to do this on the most popular email services, ensuring that you no longer have to dread opening your inbox.

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How to block email on Gmail (web browser)

For the desktop version of Gmail, the method of blocking email is very simple. First, open a message from the offender, then click on the three dots icon found in the upper right corner.

How to block emails  

This opens a menu, from which you should click Block ‘[name of sender]’ and then confirm your choice by clicking the Block button in the pop-up box that appears.

How to block email on Gmail (iOS & Android)

On your Android device, launch the Gmail app then open a message from the person you want to block. In the upper right corner (just along from where their name appears) you’ll see three dots. Tap this, then select the Block ‘[sender’s name]’ option.  

 how to block emails

iPhone and iPad users can’t directly block someone via the app, but there is an option to unsubscribe from newsletters and the like. You can find out more in our how to block someone in Gmail guide.

How to block email on Outlook (web browser)

The method for blocking people on Outlook in a web browser is very similar to that of Gmail. Launch the app, open a message from the people you want to silence, then click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the message.

how to block emails

From the drop-down menu that appear, select ‘Block [sender’s name]’ then click OK to confirm.

How to block email on Outlook (iOS & Android)

There is no direct way of blocking particular senders via the mobile apps, so you’ll need to follow the above instructions, using a web browser instead. As Outlook is synced across all your devices, this will mean the blocking is applied to the mobile apps as well.

How to block email on Apple Mail

In the Mail app on your Mac, iPhone or iPad the only way to block someone is by creating a ‘rule’. To do this you’ll need to either use the Mail app on Mac or log onto the web version of iCloud.

We’ll use the latter as it’s available to everyone. Go to iCloud and log onto your account. Open the Mail app and then click on the Settings icon in the bottom left corner.

how to block emails

Select Rules… and then click the Add a Rule… option to appears in the pop-up box.

how to block emails

Now use the drop-down menus to set up the rule that If a message is from [sender’s name] Then Move to Trash.

how to block emails

Click Done when you’re finished, and all of your devices should now be free from any new emails by that sender.

How to block email in Yahoo

Yahoo is another popular email service that doesn’t offer that ability to block people via the mobile apps. Instead you’ll need to go to the Yahoo website, log onto your mail account, then open a message by the person in question.

Here, click on the three dots icon found at the top of the email, then select the Block senders option.

how to block emails

You’ll now be given the choice to confirm the email address, plus tickboxes for Block all future emails and Delete all existing emails.  

how to block emails

When you’re happy with your choices, click OK and your inbox should be free of content from this person or organisation in the future. Often this can be the most effective way to rid your inbox of unwanted newsletters if the unsubscribe option doesn't have any effect.