Have you ever looked for an old friend on Facebook and suddenly realised that he/she isn’t your friend anymore? You might have wondered when the sin was committed and who else did it! Sadly Unfriended will help you to discover it. You will also like: How to deactivate or delate your Facebook account

Who deleted me on Facebook: What is SadlyUnfriended?

SadlyUnfirended.com is a website that has been around until April 2015. It went then offline due to Facebook’s changes in its policy.

Many apps such as Who Deleted Me have been prevented to access Facebook lists of friends and had to go offline.

Recently, Sadly Unfriended has come back. With a new method to perform checks, authorised by Facebook, new features and design, Sadly Unfriended is growing in popularity. See also: How to stop Facebook automatically playing videos

Who deleted me on Facebook: How to use SadlyUnfriended

Go on www.sadlyunfriended.com and become a member of Sadly Unfriended.

You will be able to choose a plan, depending on your needs. You can go for the free option or the paying ones. Depending on how much you will pay, you will get different services. Sadly Unfriended seems to satisfy everyone, providing a plan to ordinary people, fearful ones and stalkers.

Activate your plan easily by clicking on the Signup Now button that will appear below the plan that you prefer.

If you are not interested in getting instant notifications, you can choose the free option.You will also like: How to switch off notifications in Facebook Messangers

Simply sign up for the free plan, log into your Facebook account and click on Play Now on the windows that will appear on your screen. You will be brought to the website page where you can check who has just unfriended you.

Every time you want to upload the list, you will just need to click on Check Friends. Also see: How to find out who unfollowed you on Twitter.

Sadly Unfriended will tell you only who deleted you after you have signed up; past breakups will then remain obscured.

An interesting feature of the renewed website is the reward section. Depending on your plan, you will be eligible for discounts, licence codes and chances to win free devices.

Did someone unfriended you on Facebook? Sadly Unfriended will cheer you up with free paintball passes for you and your real friends!

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