Following a closed test in several regions, Instagram has announced that its Collab feature is rolling out to all users around the world as part of its "Features Week" full of tweaks and changes to the social media platform, including the ability to post to the platform via the Instagram website on desktop (finally!). 

But what is a Collab, and how do you post them on your Instagram Feed and in Reels? We explain all you need to know about collaborating with other users on Instagram right here. 

What is an Instagram Collab?

Collab, as the name suggests, is a new way to collaborate with other Instagram users on both Feed posts and Reels, crediting both accounts with the post in the Instagram timeline and in Reels, making it appear on both accounts with likes and comments shared among the two.

It’s great for creatives, influencers and regular Instagram users that share content because it not only stops you from posting identical content to your co-collaborator, but it’ll help increase your reach too, potentially increasing your following and levels of interaction. 

So, the next time you post a Reel that you made with your friend, why not make it a Collab post? 

How to post a Collab on Instagram

The good news is that it’s fairly easy to post a Collab on Instagram, with the process similar to that of tagging somebody in a post - a feature of Instagram for the past several years. 

If you’re interested in posting a Collab on your Feed or in a Reel, simply follow these steps:

  1. Create your post or Reel via the Create menu (+ icon in the top-right of the app).
  2. When you reach the final Share screen, tap Tag People.
  3. From this menu, tap Invite Collaborator.
  4. Search for the Instagram account(s) you’d like to collaborate with, and tap to select them. If you selected the wrong account, simply tap the X next to their account to remove them.
  5. Hit Done to save your settings.
  6. Tap Share to publish your post to your Instagram feed. 

Once you publish the post, all collaborators of the post will receive a notification informing them of the collaboration. To accept, they need only tap on the notification in the Notifications menu, tap Review to see the post and tap either Accept or Decline.

If they accept, the post will be shared with their followers with both usernames attached. 

It’s worth noting that Instagram has posed a limit of 20 combined tags and collaborators, so don’t get too carried away or you won’t be able to share the post at all. 

Why can’t I post Collabs?

Collabs were initially launched in a few territories around the world - the UK, India and the Republic of Ireland - the company has decided to roll the feature out to everybody as part of its "Features Week" update

Instagram has confirmed that users around the world should begin seeing the ability to create Collab posts on the social network this week, but as with most new features, the rollout will likely be slow.

We’d recommend making sure you’re running the latest version of the Instagram app on your smartphone, but aside from that, there isn’t much to do apart from wait. 

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