Stories is the new, but not so innovative feature from Facebook. It allows users to post images or 20 second long videos to their timeline. These images and videos are available to view for up to 24 hours, much like the way Snapchat and Instagram have been using. 

We show you how to use Facebook’s latest feature.

So firstly its important to note, at the time of writing, Facebook Stories is not available on the desktop version of Facebook, so to use the new feature you will have to use the Mobile application. 

Once logged in you will see a new bar along the top of the timeline. This is the same template used in Instagram for its story feature.

Simply press the paper aeroplane, labeled ‘Direct’ and it will take you to where you can view the stories that you upload as well as the replies to your story. If you haven’t yet uploaded a story for the day, you can also press the ‘Your story’ button. 

Press the ‘Send Photo/Video’ button to take you to the camera. 

As well as being able to capture footage from the app you can also bring in media that you have taken previously to upload and edit. Simply press the scattered picture files in the bottom right hand side.  

If you want to capture a photo directly from the app you can by simply pressing the circular button at the bottom of the screen using the front or rear camera. To capture video, just press and hold this button. 

Like Snapchat, Facebook Stories allows the use of filters, which can transform your average selfie into something spectacular. Now all your Facebook friends can see how well you sport a beard without the needless hassle of growing one. 

To slide through the filters once you have your captured media, scroll down or up to alternate. You can also add a border, text or even doodle over your Story. These tools are all found at the bottom of the screen. 


The next screen will allow you to pick whether you want to send the Story directly to certain friends, add to your Story or both. Once added to your Story it is available for 24 hours and if sent to your friends they may replay the story twice before it disappearing.

Useful to note is that while rival Snapchat features a notification based system when someone screenshots your story, Facebook has yet to implement such a feature, so be careful when sending those risqué stories.

And there you have it, a simple online guide showing you the ins and outs of Facebook’s new story feature.