Earlier this year we told you that not only was Facebook continuing its plans to autoplay video on its mobile apps, but that this video would soon be coming with autoplaying sound, with audio fading in and out as you scroll through the news feed. Now it seems the company has finished its trials and the feature is rolling out. Also see: 13 best Facebook tips and tricks.

Prevent videos autoplaying sound in Facebook app

We've just received the Facebook update on our Android phone, and while the setting for 'videos with sound' is enabled by default, sound does not actually play as you scroll through the feed until you disable the new mute button that appears at the bottom corner of any videos.

Mute button Facebook videos

That provides some relief for now, provided Facebook keeps this setting.

However, should you want to turn off the setting once and for all, open the Facebook app, tap the three vertical lines at the top right, then scroll down to and select App settings.

You will see a new option under General for 'Videos in News Feed start with sound'. To disable this just toggle off the slider.

Stop autoplaying sound Facebook

You should see a similar option in iOS when you go to Settings, Account Settings, Sound.

The other way to stop videos playing with sound on your Android phone is to mute the multimedia volume on the handset itself, though this will affect all apps and not just Facebook.

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Prevent videos autoplaying in Facebook app 

Stop autoplaying video Facebook

It's possible to prevent videos autoplaying full stop if you prefer.

In iOS, tap the three lines icon and choose Settings, Account Settings, Video & Photos, Auto-play. Select 'Never Auto-play Videos'.

In Android, tap the three lines icon, then scroll down to and select App Settings. Tap Auto-play and select 'Never Auto-play Videos'.

Alternatively you can opt to autoplay videos over Wi-Fi only, or on mobile and Wi-Fi connections. Keep an eye on your data usage if you opt for the latter. 

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