Twitter has announced via a blog post that its widening its Direct Messages feature, allowing users to receive private messages from anyone – whether you’re following them or not. It follows on from when the company tested the feature back in 2013, where some Twitter users complained about not being able to opt out of the feature once they’d opted in. 

“We hope these changes help you connect more easily – and directly – on Twitter with the people, causes and businesses you care about most.” The company wrote.

The good news is that if you don’t want strangers to have the ability to send you private messages via Twitter, you needn't actually do anything. This is because you must opt in via the settings menu to enable the feature. The feature is being rolled out as of 20 April, so if you don’t see the option in your Settings menu you will soon enough.

If you would like the opportunity for anyone (including the crazies) to DM you on Twitter, follow our step-by-step guide to enabling DM from everyone on Twitter below.

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How to receive Direct Messages (DMs) from anyone

1)    Log into Twitter for web and navigate to the Settings Menu by clicking on your prifle icon in the top right hand corner and then clicking Settings. 

2)    Once you’ve accessed the Settings Menu, select “Security and privacy” on the right hand side.

3)    Once you’re on the Security and privacy menu, scroll down to the Privacy section to the Direct Messages sub section.

4)    Tick the box that says “Receive Direct Messages from anyone” and click “Save changes”. 

Twitter has reassured users that if you want to stop someone from sending private messages to you, you can easily block the user from following/messaging you. If you decide that you want to opt out of the feature at any point, just follow the above steps and uncheck the option. 

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