Snapchat is a hugely popular app for smartphones, enabling users to send photos and videos to each other that expire within 10 seconds. Even though Snapchat is a great app that lets you send quick snaps to your mates and look at specialised content via stories, it’s not for everybody, and that’s okay. Here, we’ll show you how to permanently delete your Snapchat account in a few easy steps. Also see: How to update Snapchat and Snapchat Spectacles review

How to delete your Snapchat account: What is Snapchat?

First things first, what is Snapchat? Snapchat is the hugely popular social network (if you can call it that) that allows users to send and receive pictures and videos that expire after a maximum of 10 seconds. As well as being able to send photos and videos to each other, Snapchat also offers text-based chat, although the rules are slightly different for messages. Users still have the option to let the message be deleted after reading it for the first time, but they can also tap and hold the message to save it for future reference.

All that seems to have been overshadowed recently, though, with the introduction of Snapchat Lenses. First introduced back in September 2015 after reportedly spending millions on the feature, Snapchat Lenses are proving to be the feature that people use the app for. Using facial recognition software and animated effects, Snapchat provides users with fun and free lenses to use and send to their friends, with the selection changing on a daily basis. Also see: What are Snapchat Spectacles? and Snapchat phone rumours

To find out more about what Snapchat offers and how to use the different features, you can take a look at our complete guide to Snapchat.

But what about if you’ve had enough of the annoying selfies, pointless videos of nights out and the same friend sending you photos with different lenses every day, there’s a permanent way out. Instead of just deleting the Snapchat app from your phone, you can permanently delete your entire Snapchat account, friends included – just read on to find out more.

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How to permanently delete your Snapchat account

So if you’ve decided that enough is enough and you want to permanently delete your account, here’s how to do so. Unfortunately, it can’t be done via the Snapchat app itself, but can be done on any browser including on your smartphone or tablet, with no real need to go on a PC or Mac.

1) The first step is to head to the Snapchat Account deactivation page, which can be accessed by clicking here. As mentioned above, this can be done on any browser on any device.

2) Once you’ve accessed the website, enter your Snapchat username and password – these will be the same credentials as was used to log into the Snapchat app on your smartphone or tablet.

3) The next step is to check the box confirming that you’re not a robot – if you are a robot, you’re out of luck (also how are you reading this?).

4) Once you’ve filled out all forms, the next step is to hit Submit. Before your account is completely deleted, you’ll have to confirm your decision by re-inputting your Snapchat password.

5) Once you’ve filled out your password for the second time, simply tap “Delete my account”. Just remember that once you tap that button, your account will be permanently deleted and there will be no way to gain access to either the account or any friends on that account.Once you’ve deleted your account, you’re done – if you want to make sure it’s deleted, try and log in to the Snapchat app. If you can’t log in, you’re completely Snapchat free!

Once you’ve deleted your account, you’re done – if you want to make sure it’s deleted, try and log into the Snapchat app. If you can’t log in, you’re completely Snapchat free!

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