We can all admit that being single at a family party can become annoying, especially with older relatives constantly asking about your love life. While many people just explain that they’re currently single, there is another option available for those that are too embarrassed – employ a fake girlfriend (or boyfriend) that’ll text you, leave you voicemails and chat to you on Facebook like a normal partner would. Here, we look at the process of finding a fake girlfriend online, and the options available for those that require the service. Read next: How to use Facebook reactions

How to get a fake girlfriend (or boyfriend) online: Invisible Girlfriend

So, what options are available to you if, for whatever reason, you need to have a pretend girlfriend or boyfriend? The most professional option seems to be Invisible Girlfriend, a website that doesn’t only provide you with someone that’ll text you from time to time, but also provides you with a backstory for how you’ve met, photos to show off and even advice on how to make the ‘relationship’ seem real. It’s a fairly interesting experience that requires a bit of explaining, so here goes…

Once you’ve decided to take the plunge and find yourself a fake online girlfriend, the first decision you make is regarding her ‘personality’. Invisible Girlfriend offers six broad personality types (because there are famously only six types of women in the world, of course), ranging from “Cheerful and outgoing” to “Saucy and sarcastic”. Once you’ve decided whether your girlfriend should be witty or shy, the next step is to ‘choose’ your girlfriend.

Now we’re not talking about a digital line-up of potential fake girlfriends (well, we are in a way) – Invisible Girlfriend offers a collection of photos of women for you to choose from, which can be saved and used in future if your friends and family want to see a photo of said ‘girlfriend’.

Once you’ve chosen a broad personality and look, it’s time to refine your fake partner’s personality. You’re presented with a list of interests to choose from which we imagine will make your conversations seem a little less ‘fake’, and you’re also provided with a convincing backstory to tell your mates.

Last but not least, you’re told the name of your partner – a very important piece of information to know about your ‘girlfriend’. Now while some may prefer to name their fake partner themselves, Invisible Girlfriend automatically generates the name for you – while that can be a good thing, it’s not so great when you get a name like “Alma Doris Brakus” (we apologise in advance if anyone is offended by that comment, but to us in the UK, that isn’t a very common name).

Once you’ve got the details ironed out, the ‘fun’ really begins. Invisible Girlfriend charges a varying amount depending on the amount of interaction you want. For example, the introductory fee of $24.99 a month (around £20) and will provide you with 100 text messages, 10 voicemails and one personalised note. Now while that may seem pretty expensive for a bunch of pre-written texts, Invisible Girlfriend actually has a team of ‘anonymous individuals’ that’ll conversate with you whenever needed, providing a human touch to the proceedings.

There’s also a sister (or should that be brother) website that offers the same service, but for women and gay men that want a fake boyfriend. Invisible Boyfriend works in the exact same way as Invisible Girlfriend, with all the same choices and options available.

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