Who unfollowed me on Twitter?

Want to know who unfollowed you on Twitter? Here, we show you how.

Twitter is a brilliant way to communicate with the rest of the world, keeping up to date with the latest news and gossip, and sharing your latest news and gossip if you choose to.

As your followers grow on the social network, you'll find yourself noticing when someone unfollows you, as that big, bold number on your profile decreases. It's pretty common to be unfollowed, so don't worry! But if you want to find out who it was, there are several ways to do so. Here, we show you how to find out who unfollowed you on Twitter. See: how to logout/sign out of Tiwtter on Android

There are several different sites, apps and tools that let you see who has unfollowed you, and it's really up to your personal preference which one you choose. Once you're signed up to one of them, you'll be able to keep track of who has unfollowed you from now on. Here, we've listed four of the best.

1. Unfollowers.com

This one's pretty straight forward, and it's free. Just sign in to your Twitter account through the Unfollowers.com site, and you'll be able to see 'Recent Unfollowers' in addition to lots of other information such as people who aren't following you back, inactive people you're following and more.

You'll only be able to see the people who unfollow you after you've signed up for Unfollowers.com, though, just like the other services in this list. If you want to find out who unfollowed you before you signed up to a follower tracking service, you'll need to use your memory, unfortunately.

The good news is that, unless you tell it to, Unfollowers.com won't send out a tweet to let everyone know you're keeping track of who has unfollowed you, which can be quite embarrassing. Especially if you've had 20 unfollowers and one follower that week…

If you want to start accessing the 'Stats' section of the Unfollowers.com website, you'll need to pay for a Premium account or turn on the email/tweet notification, which then will begin telling your followers that you're keeping an eye on them.

2. Goodbye, Buddy!

This one's nice and simple, and we rather like it. Just log in through the Goodbye, Buddy! website, and it'll show you your unfollower stats. The first time you log in there won't be any recorded unfollowers, but if you log back in another day it'll show you who unfollowed you since your last login.

It does only that one job but that's why we like it. If you're just looking for a way to keep track of who unfollowed you, Goodbye, Buddy! is ideal.

3. JustUnfollow

If you've got an iOS or Android device, you can download the JustUnfollow app, which actually works for both Twitter and Instagram.

Once you've downloaded it onto your device, sign in to your account. You'll see the people who don't follow you back listed here, but if you tap the button in the top left corner, you'll get a menu that lets you see your recent unfollowers and more.

It's free, and won't tweet for you unless you tell it to, so it's a great way to keep track of who has unfollowed you on Twitter, and Instagram too.

You can access JustUnfollow on the web, too. Here's the website.

4. Friend or Follow

Another free service that's similar to those listed above but presents your unfollowers and those not following you back in a handy quick-view grid is Friend or Follow.

In addition to helping you track your followers on Twitter, you can also track Instagram and Tumblr followers. It's free unless you want to pay for extra features, but to simply find out who has been unfollowing you, you won't need to cough up any cash.