Google has updated the YouTube mobile apps to include a new Dark Mode, just as you’ll find on the desktop versions. We show you how to save your eyes by going over to the dark side.

What is YouTube Dark Mode?

As the name suggests, Dark Mode turns the traditionally white backgrounds in YouTube to black. This makes it kinder on the eyes, thanks to less glare, especially when watching content in dimly lit rooms.

It’s a simple setting that can be turned off and on as necessary. Chrome also has a new dark mode, but it's harder to use - we explain how to enable it.

How to enable Dark Mode on iOS

It’s very easy to get Dark Mode on iOS. Open the YouTube app then tap on your account icon in the top right corner.

From the menu that appears, select Settings and then tap on the switch for Dark theme.

how to enable youtube dark mode

You should immediately see the difference, as the background colour changes from white to black.  

how to enable youtube dark mode

Now, whenever you open the app it will use this as the default. To change back to the old Light theme, go back to the Dark theme switch and turn it off.

How to enable Dark Mode on Android

The method for this is exactly the same as on iOS, with the single exception of an additional step. After you’ve tapped on the account icon you’ll need to select Settings, and then the General tab, before reaching the Dark theme switch. Tap the latter and Dark Mode will be enabled.

How to get YouTube Dark Mode in a web browser

YouTube added a dark theme on the web desktop version back in 2017, but if you’ve yet to sample its delights then here are the steps to take.

Log into your YouTube account via the browser on your PC. Next, click on the account icon in the top right corner, then look for the Dark theme: off option in the menu.

how to enable youtube dark mode

Click on this and you’ll see a box appear that explains the setting, and gives you a switch at the bottom entitled Dark Theme.

how to enable youtube dark mode

Click on the switch and Dark theme will be enabled. Due to the web-based nature of YouTube, you’ll see the Dark theme whenever you log on using a PC even if it’s not the same one you used to turn it on.

how to enable youtube dark mode

Of course, if you want to return to the normal Light theme, just reverse the steps above.

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