Snapchat is a hugely popular social network offering its users the ability to send photos and videos that expire after a maximum of 10 seconds. While it’s a feature that many users love, some users would prefer the option to download incoming videos instead of watching them once and seeing them disappear into the digital ether. Snapchat doesn’t officially support the functionality and screenshotting a Snapchat will notify the sender, so we’ve found a different way to download Snapchat videos – and here is where we show you how. Read next: How to use new Snapchat features

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How to download Snapchat video: Screen recording apps for Android

So, how exactly do you download Snapchat videos? The official answer is Replays. Snapchat added replays to its app quite some time ago now, offering users the ability to replay their last viewed Snapchat – although it’ll cost you. Not right away, though; the company offers you a free reply every day, allowing you to replay either a video OR photo (not both) completely free of charge. Beyond that, the company offers paid replays with a packet of three available for £0.79, and 20 available for £3.99. The sender will also be notified if/when their Snapchat is replayed. Also see: Snapchat phone rumours

However, that only allows you to replay the video, not download it. To download it, you have to think outside of the box – while third-party apps worked for a while, Snapchat updated their API making it almost impossible for third-party apps to access the service. So, what’s the other alternative? Screen recording apps. Of course, for this reason, it's limited to Android devices and jailbroken iOS devices. While usually you’d have to root your Android to be able to access screen recording functionality, an official Google Play Store app offers recording without any effort.

Next, we show you how to download Snapchat videos without the sender even realising.

How to download Snapchat video

1) Install screen recording software. On your Android device, open Google Play and install AZ Screen Recorder – No Root. As the name suggests, you don’t need to play around with your settings and it doesn’t require a rooted phone – it should just work.

2) Open AZ Screen Recorder – No Root. Once the app has finished downloading, simply open it. A toolbar should be displayed on screen offering four options – record, settings, gallery, and exit. Simply tap the record button (big circular red button) to start the recording.

3) Open Snapchat. Now the app is recording everything that’s happening on screen, it’s safe to open your Snapchat and play the video. It’s worth noting that you should have your phone audio playing out loud during this part of the tutorial, as if your phone is on silent mode then no audio will be recorded.

4) Finish the recording. Once the Snapchat has been viewed, simply swipe down from the top of the screen to access the notification bar. You should see a notification that reads “Recording Controls”. Simply tap this and your recording should end. You should receive a notification that the video is ready to view, and it’ll prompt you to open it in the AZ Screen Recorder app – but don’t.

5) Head to the Gallery. AZ Screen Recorder provides built-in video editing tools that let you trim your video, although it notes that it’s a ‘Pro’ feature and requires payment before it’s accessible. Instead, head to the Gallery app and locate your recently recorded screen recording. Once located, tap the menu bar (three dots) and select Edit.

6) Edit and export. Trim the video down so you’ve only got the Snapchat video left, then save the video. Voila! You may have the Snapchat counter in the top right-hand corner, but you’ve got the Snapchat video saved forever – and without the senders’ knowledge.

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