Snapchat video just got a lot better with pinnable, movable, resizable emoji stickers. Here's how to add emoji stickers to Snapchat video. Also see: Snapchat phone rumours

Note that you'll need to be running the latest version of the Snapchat app on your phone - also see: How to update Snapchat.

How to add emoji to Snapchat video

• Launch Snapchat and press and hold the record button to record a video

• Tap the add sticker icon at the top of the screen

• Choose an emoji and tap it to select it

• The emoji sticker will now appear on top of the moving video. Press and hold the sticker until the video pauses, then drag the emoji to where you want to pin it, pinch the screen to resize the sticker, then let go

• Repeat the process to add multiple emoji stickers to Snapchat video

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