If you’re getting tired of the same emojis popping up when you’re replying to posts on Facebook Messenger, help is at hand.

The app now allows you to select your favourite reactions and place them in the pop-up shortcut window that appears when you’re chatting with friends. You also have access to new themes that bring even more to the party. 

How to change the reaction emoji in the favourites bar

When you’re exchanging texts with friends on Messenger, tapping and holding on a reply opens up a small selection of emoji you can use to make quick responses. While these are a useful range of options, you may find that they don’t necessarily reflect your personal expressions.

It will come as good news then that swapping different emoji in and out of the favourites bar is actually very easy. Here’s what you need to do.

Tap and hold on a post from one of your friends until you see the favourites bar appear. On the left-hand side you’ll see a + icon. Tap this and you’ll see a new page which shows your current reactions, with a lower section that includes all the other available emoji. To change your favourites, tap the Customise option.

How to personalise reaction emoji in Facebook Messenger: Favourites bar

Next, you’ll see the favourites bar at the top of the page, with all of the unused emoji below. Tap the emoji in your favourites bar that you want to replace, then choose one of the emoji from the other section to replace it. You can change as many as you want and of course you can put back the original options too.

How to personalise reaction emoji in Facebook Messenger: Choose a new favourite

When you’re happy with your selection, tap the tick icon in the top right corner, otherwise tap the circular arrow to reset the favourites bar. Now, whenever you tap and hold on someone’s post, you’ll see the new selection appear.

How to personalise reaction emoji in Facebook Messenger: New favourites

How to change theme on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger now allows you to select a variety of themes that display in the background and give you a dedicated emoji to accompany the colour scheme. To select a new theme tap on a conversation, then tap the name at the top of the page.

You’ll see the option Theme, so tap this to open up the full menu. There are several specialised themes you can choose from, plus a range of colours if you just want to give Messenger a new lick of paint.

How to personalise reaction emoji in Facebook Messenger: New theme

Tap on the theme you want to use, then you’ll see the backdrop transformed into the new look and to the right of the text bar you’ll also see the dedicated emoji that you can post just by tapping it. Should you prefer a different instant emoji, tap the name of the conversation once more then tap the Emoji option and select a new one.

How to personalise reaction emoji in Facebook Messenger: New Theme

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