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  • How to report someone impersonating you on Facebook or Twitter

    how to report an imposter on facebook or twitter main

    If someone is pretending to be you on social media, we show you how to stop them.

    11 Apr 2017

  • How to find people on Facebook

    how to find friends on facebook main

    Five helpful ways to search for friends on Facebook

    04 Apr 2017

  • How to use Facebook Stories

    Mobile lifestyle 18

    Stories have found their way to Facebook and here is how you use it

    29 Mar 2017

  • How to use Facebook Reactions

    facebook reactions 800

    Facebook has rolled out its Reactions Like-button extensions. Here's how to get Facebook Reactions and how to use them

    24 Mar 2017

  • How to change your name on Twitter

    Mobile lifestyle 26

    A step-by-step guide to changing your name on Twitter

    22 Mar 2017

  • How to add friends on Nintendo Switch

    nintendo switch review05

    Friend Codes are back, but they're not the only way to add friends on the Switch - here's how to avoid playing alone

    13 Mar 2017

  • Are Facebook Reactions coming to Messenger?

    facebook reactions

    Rather than a dislike button Facebook last year rolled out 'Reactions', and soon they could come to Messenger too

    06 Mar 2017

  • How to use Skype on a Chromebook

    Step 9

    Make free international video calls on your Chromebook.

    24 Jan 2017

  • How to use Microsoft Teams

    how to use microsoft teams

    Slack, the chat-based program has a new competitor: Microsoft Teams - here's how to use it

    21 Nov 2016

  • How to use Google Allo

    how to use google allo logo

    Now Google Allo gets themes, plus Smart Smileys

    17 Nov 2016

  • How to turn off Facebook Live video notifications

    facebook live video

    Remove Facebook Live video notifications from your life

    09 Nov 2016

  • How to use Google Duo

    how to use google duo thumb

    Keep up with friends on Android devices or iPhones by using the new Google Duo video calling app

    05 Sep 2016

  • How to use Instagram Stories

    instagram stories

    Instagram recently announced Stories, a feature that may look familiar to Snapchat users - here's how to use it

    24 Aug 2016

  • Best Spotify tips and tricks

    best spotify tips and tricks banner

    Make sure you're getting the most out of Spotify with these tips and tricks

    16 Aug 2016

  • How to use Twitter stickers

    how to use twitter stickers

    Stickers are like hashtags for photos on Twitter

    11 Aug 2016

  • How to use Prisma

    how to use prisma app

    Bored with Instagram and Snapchat's filters? Prisma is the way to go.

    09 Aug 2016

  • How to use two Snapchat filters at once

    use two filters in snapchat thumb

    Two Snapchat filters? Yes - it is possible: here's how

    08 Aug 2016

  • Facebook £5.99 subscription hoax

    facebook 599 hoax

    The latest Facebook hoax suggests it will charge £5.99 to keep your posts private, unless you post an informational message

    29 Jun 2016

  • How to change LinkedIn password (and why you should)

    how to change linkedin password

    Following a massive LinkedIn hack you need to change your password now. We show you how, plus how to add two-step verification

    26 May 2016

  • How to get emoji on Android


    Bring life to your messages by using emoji on your Android smartphone

    11 May 2016

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