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  • How to View a LinkedIn Profile in Secret

    linkedin private browsing

    Anonymously browse LinkedIn's business network and view profiles without them knowing

    23 Apr 2018

  • How to Download Facebook Data

    what does facebook know about me

    Facebook holds a lot of data on each of its users, but it's simple to get a copy of that data for yourself

    18 Apr 2018

  • How to Stop Facebook Apps Using Your Data

    logout facebook apps

    Log out of Facebook apps, quizzes and tests to stop them accessing your data

    18 Apr 2018

  • How to Secure Facebook

    how to secure facebook

    Are you doing what you can to protect yourself from Facebook threats?

    09 Apr 2018

  • How to Post a GIF on Facebook

    how to post a gif to facebook

    Sometimes a smiley or a meme isn't enough: here's how to post an animated GIF to Facebook

    05 Apr 2018

  • Best WhatsApp tips

    Mobile lifestyle 31

    Become a master of WhatsApp with our top WhatsApp tips and tricks

    14 Mar 2018

  • How to change your Snapchat username

    snap logo

    Have you been trying to change your Snapchat username? Here’s what to do.

    06 Mar 2018

  • How to face swap in Snapchat

    how to face swap snapchat main

    It's mega-disturbing, sure, but face swapping is the craze that just won't go away. Here's how to join the trend

    06 Mar 2018

  • How to use Snapchat World Lenses

    use two filters in snapchat thumb

    Here's how to get to grips with the new 3D world lenses in Snapchat

    06 Mar 2018

  • How to change your voice in Snapchat video

    how to change voice snapchat

    Voice filters are now available for all Snaps

    06 Mar 2018

  • How to temporarily mute friends on Facebook


    We all have the friends on Facebook that post too much. Find out how to quietly mute them to clear up your news feed.

    10 Jan 2018

  • How to make a playlist on YouTube

    best christmas playlist

    Enjoy a non-stop playlist of all your favourite songs on YouTube this Christmas

    28 Nov 2017

  • How to make a Facebook poll

    Mobile lifestyle 61

    Facebook now allows users to make polls decorated with GIFs and photos

    08 Nov 2017

  • How to use Facebook Messenger Lite to save data

    facebook messenger lite logo

    If the standard Facebook Messenger app is getting too bloated, try the new Lite version instead

    08 Nov 2017

  • How to use Twitter


    Get the most out of Twitter with our guide to using the social network

    09 Oct 2017

  • How to stop Facebook autoplaying video and sound

    Mobile lifestyle 61

    Stop Facebook automatically playing videos in its mobile apps for Android and iOS

    18 Aug 2017

  • How to use Snapcodes

    how to use snapcodes

    You can do more than just add friends with a Snapcode now

    07 Aug 2017

  • How to use Instagram: A complete guide

    how to use instagram new

    Complete guide to setting up Instagram and using it to sharephotos and videos, follow your friends, celebrities and brands

    17 May 2017

  • How to share Apple Clips with Android users

    how to share apple clips with android thumb

    Use WhatsApp, Email, Text, or Google Drive to share Apple Clips with Android users

    03 May 2017

  • Share your location in real-time with Google Maps

    how to share your location on google maps thumb

    Find your friends with the new Shared location feature in Google Maps

    18 Apr 2017

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