How to become a LinkedIn publisher

We explain how to become a LinkedIn Publisher, as well as why you might want to be a LinkedIn Publisher. (See all social media tips and tricks.)

What is LinkedIn Publishing?

'Publishing' is the way via which LinkedIn entices professionals to contribute insights and blog posts on LinkedIn. LinkedIn members can publish long-form posts about their expertise and professional interests. They are viewable and searchable both inside and outside of LinkedIn's network. LinkedIn is keen to become the de factor platform for professional publishing and blogging.

For now only English-language posts can be published on LinkedIn, although this may change in time.

When you publish an article on LinkedIn publisher, it features on your professional profile, in the Posts section. It is automatically shared with your connections and followers, of course, but it also allows members not in your network to follow you from your long-form post and then to receive updates whenever you publish content.

Thus publishing interesting and unique content on LinkedIn is potentially a good way to build your professional profile inside and outside of your existing professional circle.

How to become a LinkedIn Publisher

As of this writing Publishing is not available to all LinkedIn users. LinkedIn says it is in the process of rolling this feature to all members and says that it will notify you by email when you're able to publish long-form posts on LinkedIn.

It is possible, however, to apply for early access. Simply browse to and fill out the very short form. Again, you will receive an email with instructions when you are able to post.

That's the easy bit. Now you have to decide what to share. Focus on your professional expertise. LinkedIn advises that you write about 'challenges you've faced, opportunities you've seized, or important trends in your industry'.

The best posts offer practical advice to likeminded professionals, which in turn makes you appear to be a useful and successful colleague and influence. (See also: How to find out who unfollowed you on Twitter.)