Too many small businesses take the “security through obscurity” approach to cybersecurity, in the belief that they’re not a big enough target for hackers and scammers, who surely focus their attention on larger corporations. Sadly, this view is just not true. Seventy two per cent of security breaches between 2004 and 2011 involved companies with fewer than 100 employees.

Meanwhile, the threats keep growing. PC malware isn’t going anywhere and mobile malware rises year on year, with the number of attacks growing by 20% between Q3 2012 and Q3 2013 alone. That’s a worry when 71% of employees now access secure business networks using personal devices, and 91% of small businesses don’t use any endpoint or mobile device security. Meanwhile, many small businesses don’t have the dedicated IT staff to plan a coordinated response to security threats, let alone implement it. Seventy nine per cent of small-to-medium business managers admit that they don’t understand cybersecurity. Eight three per cent have no plans in place to protect their business from cybercrime in an increasingly hostile world.

The threats are as serious in the UK as they are in the US. A 2014 survey for the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills found that 45% of small businesses had suffered an infection from viruses or malware in the last year, while 33% had seen networks attacked by an unauthorised outsider. Sixteen per cent of UK businesses have been hit by Denial-of-Service (DOS) attacks: an attack that specifically targets the business’s ability to work online.

It’s easy to point the finger at small businesses and say they need to find the time and expertise to fix their cybersecurity issues, but the simple fact is that, for far too long, they’ve been left without a relevant solution. Consumer-grade security packages can barely cover the needs of a micro-sized business, let alone a growing company. They’re not fit-for-purpose or designed to do that job.

Enterprise security, meanwhile, is usually overkill. Expensive and difficult to manage without a dedicated IT staff, it’s simply too big for the job. That leaves small businesses stuck in the middle, unsure which way to turn.

Now, however, Bitdefender is bridging the gap. Small Office Security is a cloud-based security suite that gives small businesses proper business grade security, but without the maintenance burdens and ongoing expense of an enterprise solution. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a fifty-seat company with a one-man IT team or a small team where someone doubles up as IT manager part-time, Small Office Security makes it easy for even non IT professionals to manage and secure their company’s computers.

Why is Small Office Security special, and what does it bring that enterprise or consumer-grade security solutions don’t? Well, it really comes down to the following;

1. It’s easy to setup

Based in the cloud, Small Office Security’s console runs from a Web browser, and you can install Bitdefender’s business-grade security software across all the computers on your network in a matter of minutes. You don’t have to buy or configure any hardware, and there’s no need to move from machine to machine installing and patching; it all happens remotely using Windows Network Discovery. Meanwhile, ready-made security policy templates make it easy to tailor Small Office Security to your needs.

2. It looks after itself

With the default cloud-based configuration, Small Office Security handles all the patching and updating for you, saving you the workload and any concerns about inadvertently leaving your business vulnerable. There’s no need to panic when there’s a security alert. Bitdefender’s software has you covered.

3. It’s easy to manage when you need to

You can still deploy, monitor and control protection across your network, but you can do it all from the Web-based console. The software is built to handle 250 users, with real-time monitoring and management of both on-site and remote users.

4. It has the features small businesses need

Small Office Security delivers all the basics, like malware protection and a business-grade firewall, but it also offers web-filtering, website safety rankings and controls to restrict access to specific websites or applications. Removable storage is a common security nightmare – you never know what information employees might thoughtlessly copy to a USB memory stick, or what viruses they might bring back into the office on it. Small Office Security can auto-detect and scan removable storage devices with ease.

5. It secures your business against all major threats

A combination of advanced heuristics, web-filtering, a search advisor and USB scanning block malware at every entry point. You’re protected against viruses, rootkits, spyware, adware, phishing, data theft and much, much more.

6. It’s built on the best technology

The technology behind Bitdefender Small Office Security is the same technology that powers Bitdefender's Enterprise and Total Security products. Bitdefender Endpoint Security is the leading corporate security product according to the independent test labs, AV-Test, scoring 18 out of 18 possible points. Small Office Security is based on the same core software.

With all these factors working in your favour, Small Office Security could be the security solution your small business has been waiting for. To find out more, visit Bitdefender's website.

This article is brought to you in association with Bitdefender. As well as security software for the home, Bitdefender provides business protection with Small Office Security  - always-on security for companies with up to 25 employees.