Ripping your DVDs to your PC is easy. Whether you want to create a library of digital movies or watch the film on a smartphone or tablet, here's how to do it.

First, head to and download Freemake Video Converter. Carefully install the software, using the custom options to make sure no other software is installed at the same time.

Next, insert a DVD into your drive and launch Freemake. Click the large +DVD button at the top and a list of videos will be shown. You'll have to use your judgement to work out which is the movie, as opposed to extras. If your DVD contains shorter TV episodes, you should be able to tell by their length (shown in minutes and seconds) which videos you need to rip.

Next, it's a case of choosing which format to convert the video(s) to. Generally, MP4 is the best option as it's the most widely supported on PCs as well as smartphones and tablets. However, Freemake has presets for lots of popular devices so you don't have to choose any settings. Just click the manufacturer and then choose your model of tablet, smartphone or media player (such as an iPod) and the software will ensure the file will play on that device.

Once you've typed in a file name and chosen where to save the files, the conversion process will start. Once complete - anywhere between a minute and several hours depending on the power of your PC and the length of videos you've chosen - you can click the Show in Folder button to see the ripped files.

Now you can watch them on your PC, or transfer them to another device. For Android devices, it's a simple case of dragging and dropping files via Windows Explorer. For Apple devices, you'll need to use iTunes. You can either import the files to your iTunes library and sync them via the TV programmes or Films tab or you can click on the Apps tab (after connecting and clicking on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch) and then scroll down to find an app which allows direct file transfer. Such apps include Cinexplayer HD and Good Reader.